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Secured Trust Escrow handles every aspect of the REO by providing full service and management as a neutral third-party to close the REO transaction within the guidelines set forth in the contract while serving as the depository of funds and escrow agent. ​The basic REO process begins with mutual acceptance of the Purchase Agreement, much like a regular real estate transaction.

Buyers must remember that they are not in escrow with a homeowner, however, as a bank or lender is the seller, and the financial institution has strict procedures during the process. ​As the seller is a corporate institution with a large volume of properties, the typical timeline of a standard escrow does not apply in an REO environment. To ensure REO escrow transactions are closed as quickly as possible, the officers at Secured Trust Escrow proactively manage and resolve any problems before a delay can occur and monitor the performance of the transaction daily. Contact us now.

REO escrow services

About REO Escrows

REO property, or ‘real estate owned,’ occurs when a bank or lender forecloses on a property and takes control of it. This term is typically applied after the bank has attempted and failed to sell the property at auction. As a result, a REO property is one that is owned by a bank, and these properties are often sold at a large discount below market value. They may also not be in good shape because they are sold “as-is,” without any of the “make-ready” work that most sellers conduct to get their homes ready for the market. Secured Trust Escrow is the escrow agency you want working for you in a REO transaction because we understand the subtleties and obstacles you may face when buying a REO property in California.

Expertise in REO Transactions in California

We will work carefully to serve both parties well in the transaction from the beginning, when the seller files the paperwork with us, until the sale closes and title is given to the buyer. Despite the recent transfer of title to the lender due to its REO status, we will endeavor to verify that title is clear. We will also resolve any title objections that may occur, and we will work carefully to ensure that the closure is completed on schedule. Our escrow agents have already aided with the closing of a number of REO homes, and we have the REO experience you’re looking for in an escrow company.

We’re Ready to Be Your Go-To Escrow Company

While we specialize in REO homes, we also go above and beyond to make the closing process as smooth as possible for all transactions. For example, we use cutting-edge technology to limit the risk of illegal conduct such as fraud or identity theft in connection with your transaction. Furthermore, our experienced escrow agents work hard to maintain lines of communication open from beginning to end. We aim to be your go-to escrow service for all of your transactions. For assistance with your REO deal, please contact our office.

Frequently Asked Questions About REO Escrow Accounts

Here are 20 frequently asked questions specifically about Real Estate Owned (REO) escrow accounts in California:

1. What is an REO escrow account in California?
An REO escrow account in California is a mechanism used when a property that has been foreclosed upon by a lender (such as a bank) is being sold.

2. Who typically manages the REO escrow account in California?
An escrow company or an attorney often manages the REO escrow account on behalf of the seller (lender).

3. What is the purpose of an REO escrow account in California?
The REO escrow account holds funds and documents during the sale process to ensure a smooth and secure transaction.

4. Who selects the escrow company for an REO sale in California?
The lender (seller) usually selects the escrow company for an REO sale in California.

5. Can the buyer’s agent choose the escrow company for an REO sale in California?
In some cases, the buyer’s agent can propose an escrow company, but the lender’s approval is typically required.

6. Are there specific regulations for REO escrow accounts in California?
While there are general escrow regulations, there might be specific considerations for REO properties due to their foreclosure status.

7. Can a buyer’s attorney be involved in an REO escrow process in California?
Yes, a buyer’s attorney can provide legal advice and guidance during the REO escrow process.

8. What documents are required for an REO escrow account in California?
Necessary documents may include the purchase agreement, title documents, inspection reports, and any relevant disclosures.

9. Can the funds in an REO escrow account be released before the sale closes in California?
Generally, funds can only be released once all parties fulfill their obligations as per the terms of the purchase agreement.

10. What happens if there’s a dispute over the REO escrow funds in California?
Escrow companies often have dispute resolution procedures. If no agreement is reached, legal action might be necessary.

11. Are there specific fees associated with REO escrow accounts in California?
Escrow fees for REO properties can vary based on the sale’s complexity and services provided by the escrow company.

12. Can the terms of the REO escrow arrangement be negotiated in California?
Yes, parties can negotiate specific terms for the REO escrow arrangement as long as they adhere to legal guidelines.

13. Is the use of an escrow company mandatory for REO sales in California?
While not always mandatory, using an escrow company is recommended for a secure and fair REO transaction.

14. What happens if the buyer’s financing falls through during an REO escrow in California?
The terms of the purchase agreement typically outline the consequences if financing falls through, which may include the cancellation of the sale.

15. Can the lender access the funds in the REO escrow account during the transaction?
The funds are held in the escrow account to ensure a neutral process, and access is usually limited until the sale is complete.

16. What responsibilities does the escrow company have regarding property repairs in REO sales?
The escrow company is not directly responsible for repairs, but they may manage any repair-related contingencies outlined in the purchase agreement.

17. Can an REO escrow account be used for short sales in California?
REO escrow accounts are typically used for foreclosed properties. Short sales involve different processes and considerations.

18. Can an out-of-state buyer use an REO escrow company in California?
Yes, buyers from outside California can use an REO escrow company in the state, but compliance with state regulations is necessary.

19. Can the REO escrow process be expedited in California?
While the timeline can be negotiated, certain aspects such as inspections and document reviews may still require time.

20. What role does the REO listing agent play in the escrow process in California?
The REO listing agent works on behalf of the seller (lender) to facilitate the transaction, including coordinating with the escrow company.

Remember that real estate laws and regulations can change, and local variations might exist. Consult legal professionals and experts familiar with California’s real estate practices and regulations when dealing with REO escrow accounts in the state.

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