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The escrow process for a new construction differs from standard resale purchases. It involves familiarity with forms applicable to new construction projects and often times working closely with the builder and/or developer. New construction projects range from a spec home built for an individual or family to new development projects involving hundreds of newly built homes.

At Secured Trust Escrow, our team of professionals are skilled in handling the escrows for simple to complex new construction projects and the management of funds until the homes and surrounding infrastructure are complete. Secured Trust Escrow is a leader in new construction and subdivision escrow services. Contact us for more information.

construction escrow services

About Construction Escrows

In the construction industry, what is escrow? A construction escrow account is a sort of holding account for funds on a project. It’s normally begun by a project’s lender or financial institution with a title company, although it can also be started by the project owner.

The project’s funds are held in the account until the work is completed, after which they are released to the contractor. Accounts are typically provided for the amount of the project’s completed contract.

Escrow accounts ensure that the monies needed for the project will be available. Before work begins, money is transferred into them so that the contractor is aware that funds are available and that they will be paid.

Construction fund control services, which enable banks and financial institutions maintain track of their construction loans and ensure that they are not overdrawn, are frequently utilized with these accounts.

What Role Do Escrow Accounts Play in The Construction Industry?

When the construction loan closes, ideally before construction begins on site, an escrow account is established. An escrow account may be required by the financing firm, or it may be requested by the project owner or even the contractor. The account is then opened with the help of a title business that is in charge of the account.

The financial institution or the project’s owner then deposits the project contract’s amount into the account, which the financial institution and title firm monitor and distribute funds.

The contractor submits a pay application to the financial institution when they are ready to request payments for completed work. The bank or the fund control business examines the application. An on-site assessment is frequently included to confirm that the amount asked matches the work accomplished.

After the inspector and/or fund control company approve the application, the owner and financial institution approve the request, notify the title company, and the monies are released from the escrow account to the contractor.

Escrow accounts are most commonly associated with financed projects, although they could be used on any construction project to give additional management of project funds and to ensure that the owner has the funds to complete the project. To get started, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions About Construction Escrow Accounts

Here are 20 frequently asked questions specifically about construction escrow accounts in California:

1. What is a construction escrow account in California?
A construction escrow account in California holds funds to cover construction-related expenses during a building project.

2. Who typically manages the construction escrow account in California?
An escrow company or an attorney often manages the construction escrow account, ensuring funds are disbursed as per the construction agreement.

3. What is the purpose of a construction escrow account in California?
The construction escrow account ensures that funds are available to pay contractors, suppliers, and other parties involved in the construction project.

4. Who selects the escrow company for a construction project in California?
The parties involved in the construction project, such as the property owner and the contractor, often select the escrow company together.

5. Are there specific regulations governing construction escrow accounts in California?
While there are general escrow regulations, construction escrow accounts might have additional considerations due to the nature of construction projects.

6. Can a buyer’s attorney be involved in a construction escrow process in California?
Yes, legal professionals can provide advice and guidance to parties involved in the construction escrow process.

7. What documents are required for a construction escrow account in California?
Documentation may include the construction contract, project plans, cost estimates, and disbursement schedules.

8. Can the funds in a construction escrow account be released before the project is completed in California?
Funds are generally released according to an agreed-upon disbursement schedule, tied to specific project milestones.

9. What happens if there are disputes over disbursements from the construction escrow account in California?
Escrow companies often have dispute resolution procedures. Legal action might be necessary if no resolution is reached.

10. Are there specific fees associated with construction escrow accounts in California?
Escrow fees for construction projects can vary based on the complexity of the project and services provided by the escrow company.

11. Can the terms of the construction escrow arrangement be negotiated in California?
Yes, parties can negotiate specific terms for the construction escrow arrangement within legal boundaries.

12. Is the use of an escrow company mandatory for construction projects in California?
While not mandatory, using an escrow company is recommended to ensure proper management of funds and disbursements.

13. What role does the construction project manager play in the escrow process in California?
The construction project manager may provide necessary documents and information to the escrow company and monitor project milestones.

14. Can an out-of-state contractor use a California-based escrow company for a construction project?
Yes, contractors from outside California can use a California-based escrow company, but compliance with state regulations is important.

15. Can the construction escrow process be expedited in California?
While timelines can be negotiated, certain factors such as project complexity and regulatory approvals might impact the process duration.

16. Can changes to the construction project be accommodated within the escrow arrangement?
Yes, changes to the project scope and costs can be managed by amending the construction contract and adjusting the escrow terms.

17. What happens if the construction project is delayed or halted during the escrow process?
Delays or halts might trigger adjustments to the disbursement schedule, contingent on the terms of the construction agreement.

18. Can a homeowner initiate a construction escrow account for a home improvement project in California?
Yes, homeowners can use a construction escrow account for substantial home improvement projects, such as renovations or additions.

19. Can a construction escrow account cover other project-related expenses beyond labor and materials?
Yes, expenses like permits, inspections, and professional fees might also be included in the construction escrow account.

20. What role does the lender play in a construction escrow process in California?
If the project is financed, the lender might oversee the disbursement of funds from the construction escrow account to ensure compliance with the loan terms.

Always consult legal professionals and experts familiar with California’s real estate and construction practices and regulations when dealing with construction escrow accounts in the state. Real estate laws and regulations can change over time, and local variations might exist.

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