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City Transfer Tax in California

According to California’s Revenue and Taxation Codes, a County Documentary Transfer Tax must be paid on the value of any real estate whose ownership is being transferred. The tax rate is the same for all counties and is 0.11 percent of the assessed value.

Cities with their own City Transfer Taxes and their rates are listed below. When the transfer of ownership deed is documented, that tax amount along with the county documentary transfer tax will be paid. Transfer taxes in certain cities are computed in tiers. While we make every effort to maintain this list current and accurate, if you have any questions, call us.

City County Tax Rate (0.11%) City Tax Rate Website Link Notes
Alameda Yes 1.2% n/a
Albany Yes 1.5% n/a
Berkeley Yes Tiered 1.5% at $1,500,000 or less; 2.5% at more than $1,500,000
Culver City Yes Tiered Please consult their site for a breakdown of the tiered rates.
Emeryville Yes 1.2% n/a
Hayward Yes 0.45% n/a
Los Angeles (City) Yes 0.45% This applies to areas that are incorporated in the City of Los Angeles. Please consult the link and note where the property address is. All colored areas within the boundaries of Los Angeles are incorporated areas and subject to the Los Angeles City tax; all white areas are not, but may be subject to their own City tax.
Mountain View Yes 0.33% n/a
Oakland Yes Tiered Please consult their site for a breakdown of the tiered rates.
Palo Alto Yes 0.33% n/a
Petaluma Yes 0.2% n/a
Piedmont Yes 1.3% n/a
Pomona Yes 0.22% n/a
Redondo Beach Yes 0.22% n/a
Richmond Yes 0.7% n/a
Riverside (City) Yes 0.11% n/a
Sacramento (City) No 0.275% n/a
San Francisco No Tiered Please consult their site for a breakdown of the tiered rates.
San Jose Yes 0.33% n/a
San Leandro Yes 1.1% n/a
San Mateo Yes 0.5% n/a
San Rafael Yes 0.2% n/a
Santa Monica Yes Tiered 3.0% for $5,000,000 and below; 6.0% for over $5,000,000
Santa Rosa Yes 0.2% n/a
Vallejo Yes 0.33% n/a

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