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Residential Escrow Services

Secured Trust Escrow takes pride in being able to keep up with changes in the law affecting residential escrows. Because of our customer-centered philosophy, we can handle your escrow closing quickly.

The team of professionals at Secured Trust will ensure that all requirements are met by all parties involved in residential real estate purchases. Our officers have decades of combined experience in residential escrow settlement. Get the assurance you need that your escrow transaction will be handled correctly, professionally, and diligently. Contact us right away to learn more about our California residential escrow services.

Business Escrow Services

Hiring an expert Escrow Agent to protect the Buyer against such liabilities, can avoid significant exposure to liability following the bulk sale of assets. In addition to accepting creditor claims as required in a small cash sale of assets, tax liabilities are also typically handled through an escrow agent in any bulk sale of assets.

A “Bulk Sale” or “Business Opportunity Transfer” is the sale of a business and its equipment, which frequently includes furniture, fixtures, goodwill, inventory, leasehold interest, licenses, and equipment. Because many of these transactions are complex, it is critical to choose an Escrow Officer who has experience with these types of sales. At Secured Trust Escrow, your Escrow Officer will carefully handle your business transaction and ensure that all escrow agreement conditions are met by both the Seller and the Buyer. Please contact us right away for more information.

Commercial Escrow Services

Commercial escrow closings involve the transfer of non-residential property such as retail space, apartment complexes, and office buildings. Secured Trust Escrow understands the unique requirements of commercial escrow transactions.

In California, closing escrow on commercial real estate can be a complicated process. We have the knowledge and expertise at Secured Trust Escrow to streamline and simplify the transaction. We provide unrivaled service to all parties involved, including agents, buyers, and sellers, thanks to a dedicated team of Escrow Officers.

We believe it is our responsibility to ensure that everyone involved in the transaction has faith in the escrow process throughout the entire real estate transaction. For more information, please contact us.


Holding Escrow Services

Secured Trust Escrow is one of the few companies licensed by the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation to hande Holding Escrows.

Holding Escrows do not involve the transfer of real estate or a business under the California Bulk Sale Laws. Secured Trust Escrow has been the “go-to” escrow company for attorneys and other professionals needing a third-party escrow holder to hold funds pursuant an agreement made outside of escrow.

Secured Trust Escrow has handled many holding escrows, both simple and complex, from a wide range of industries such as entertainment, legal, receivership’s, judiciary, source code, private money, and source code. Contact us now to request more information about our holding escrow services.


Liquor License Escrow Services

Escrow is required by the California Alcoholic and Beverage Control (ABC) for all liquor license transfers. The Escrow Officers at Secured Trust Escrow are familiar with the ABC requirements for various types of liquor license transfers. Our escrow team collaborates with the buyers, sellers, expeditors, and ABC officers to complete the license transfer as quickly as possible.

Despite the fact that a liquor license cannot be permanently attached to any property, it is considered property in California. The transaction must be completed through an escrow agency, according to the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. Escrow ensures transaction transparency for both the seller and the buyer. Contact us right away to get started.


Refinance Escrow Services

On refinance transactions, Secured Trust Escrow officers provide tailored service to lenders and borrowers. Refinance escrows involve using the proceeds of a new loan to pay off an existing loan. Many homeowners refinance to shorten the term of their mortgage or to reduce monthly costs due to lower interest rates.

The parties involved in a refinance are the bank and the homeowner. Escrow ensures that the bank pays off the original loan and that the homeowner pays closing costs, both of which are required to close escrow. It is critical to understand the escrow process when refinancing your home. Due to the complexities of real estate transactions, escrow agents are hired to assist lenders in tracking and disbursing funds in accordance with the agreements reached. Please contact us right away.


Probate Escrow Services

A probate sale escrow requires knowledge of the California probate rules and regulations as they apply to the sale of probate property. A probate sale occurs when the property owner dies and the sale is conducted by the Administrator or Executor with full or limited authority.

Regrettably, probate does not always go according to plan. Title-related challenges are one of the most common impediments to the transfer of real estate in probate cases. A title may be bestowed in a way that the heirs do not expect. We provide exceptional probate sale escrow services to our clients at Secured Trust Escrow, and our experience and dedication to the transaction will be evident throughout the entire process. For more information, please contact us right away.


Construction Escrow Services

The escrow process for a new construction differs from that of a standard resale. It entails familiarity with forms applicable to new construction projects and, at times, close collaboration with the builder and/or developer. A spec home built for an individual or family to a new development project involving hundreds of newly built homes are all examples of new construction projects.

Our team of professionals at Secured Trust Escrow is experienced in handling escrows for simple to complex new construction projects, as well as the management of funds until the homes and surrounding infrastructure are completed. Secured Trust Escrow is a market leader in escrow services for new construction and subdivisions. For more information, please contact us.


Short Sale Escrow Services

Our escrow officers have years of experience guiding investors and consumers through the complex process of auction sale escrows, acting as a neutral third-party to close the real estate transaction within the parameters specified in the contract while also serving as the depository of funds.

Closing escrow on auction sales in California necessitates the use of an experienced escrow team capable of dealing with any issues that may arise and cause the closing to be delayed. There are some prerequisites that must be met. Secured Trust Escrow manages every detail of auction sale transactions with knowledge and expertise, ensuring a smooth process and excellent service. For more information, please contact us.


REO Escrow Services

Secured Trust Escrow handles every aspect of the REO transaction by providing full service and management as a neutral third-party to close the REO transaction within the guidelines outlined in the contract while also acting as the depository of funds and escrow agent. The basic REO process, like any other real estate transaction, begins with mutual acceptance of the Purchase Agreement.

Buyers must keep in mind that they are not in escrow with a homeowner, as the seller is a bank or lender, and the financial institution follows strict procedures throughout the process. The typical timeline of a standard escrow does not apply in a REO environment because the seller is a corporate institution with a large volume of properties. To ensure that REO escrow transactions are closed as quickly as possible, the officers at Secured Trust Escrow manage and resolve any problems before they become a delay, and they monitor the transaction’s performance on a daily basis. Please contact us right away.


FSBO Escrow Services

The process of selling real estate without the assistance of a broker or agent is known as For Sale By Owner. Homeowners can use marketing or online listing companies, or they can market their own property. Secured Trust Escrow is one of the few companies licensed to handle for sale by owner escrows by the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation.

Secured Trust Escrow has long been the “go-to” escrow company for home sellers and other professionals who require the services of a third-party escrow holder to handle their real estate transactions. Secured Trust Escrow has handled numerous for sale by owner escrows, both simple and complex, for a diverse group of people across California. Call or message us right now for more information on our FSBO escrow services.


Industrial Escrow Services

Our highly trained Escrow Officers are prepared to handle the complexities of an industrial escrow. Industrial real estate differs from traditional real estate. These properties are primarily used to develop, manufacture, or produce goods and products. Understanding the nature of these properties, as well as familiarity with the underlying contract, is critical to successfully closing the escrow.

Secured Trust Escrow is a market leader in providing escrow services for industrial property purchases and sales. Our knowledgeable Escrow Officers enable us to anticipate such issues and meet deadlines to ensure a smooth closing. Secured Trust Escrow understands every aspect of the transaction and will use the most efficient procedures to protect the interests of all parties. Please contact us right away if you require any additional information.

Residential Escrow

Gain the confidence you need that your residential escrow transaction will be handled professionally. Contact us.

Business Escrow

At Secured Trust Escrow, your Escrow Officer will carefully handle your business transaction. Get started today.

Commercial Escrow

Secured Trust Escrow recognizes the unique requirements for handling commercial escrow transactions.

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