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Our escrow officers have years of experience helping investors and consumers through the complex process of auction sale escrows providing full management and action as a neutral third-party to close the real estate transaction within the guidelines set forth in the contract while serving as the depository of funds.

Closing escrow on auction sales in California requires an experienced escrow team capable of handling any issues that may arise to delay closing. There are specific requirements that must be met. Secured Trust Escrow manages every detail of auction sale transactions with knowledge and expertise to ensure a smooth process with excellent service. Contact us for more information.

short sale escrow services

About Short Sale Escrows

A short sale is a unique sort of real estate transaction in which the seller sells the home for less than the amount owed on the mortgage. The previous mortgage must be discharged by the lender before the property title can be released and transferred to a new buyer at closing. This usually happens when the mortgage is paid off in full. In the instance of a short sale, however, the lender will agree to accept less than the whole amount owing. This is a unique escrow situation that demands skill and experience to negotiate, and you can trust that our staff has the expertise to finish your short sale transaction successfully anywhere in California.

What We Do For Our California Short Sale Clients

Before and during the closing of a short sale escrow transaction, there are a number of measures that must be performed to ensure that the transaction is completed as quickly as possible. The seller’s lender, for example, should consent to the short sale in writing and be aware of the details of the short sale before closing. We’ve been dealing with short sales for years and know what it takes to get the job done. We also employ cutting-edge technology, including cutting-edge encryption and security measures, to protect all parties against fraud and other sorts of criminal activity.

How Can We Assist You With Your Short Sale?

Our escrow agents in Los Angeles will walk you through the short sale closing procedure with ease, whether you’re a buyer or a seller. We know the usual dangers and snags that these types of transactions encounter, and we know how to reduce the probability that your transaction will encounter them. Look for an escrow company that specializes in short sales if you’re arranging a closing for a short sale escrow transaction. For assistance with your transaction, please contact one of our pleasant and professional escrow agents at today.

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