Secured Trust Escrow

Secured Trust Escrow

Your premier business escrow company in Hollywood. We offer holding, commercial and business escrow services. Call or message us now for more information.
California's Premier Escrow Company

Business Escrow Services in Hollywood

Residential Escrow

Gain the confidence you need that your residential escrow transaction will be handled professionally. Learn more here.

Liquor License Escrow

Secured Trust Escrow are experienced and knowledgeable with the requirements of Alcoholic and Beverage Control.

Short Sale Escrow

Closing escrow on short sales requires an experienced escrow team capable of handling any issues that arise to delay closing.

Commercial Escrow

Secured Trust Escrow recognizes the unique requirements for handling commercial escrow transactions.

Refinance Escrow

Secured Trust Escrow offers customized services to lenders and borrowers on refinance transactions. Refinance with us.

REO Escrow

Secured Trust Escrow handles all aspects of REO transactions by providing full service as a neutral 3rd party. Learn more.

Business Escrow

At Secured Trust Escrow, your Escrow Officer will carefully handle your business transaction. Get started here.

Probate Sale Escrow

We understand the California probate rules and regulations as it applies and its application to the sale of probate property.

FSBO Escrow

We have decades of experience in dealing with simple and complex "For Sale By Owner" escrow services in California.

Holding Escrow

Licensed by the Department of Financial Protection to handle many holding escrows, both simple and complex. Contact us.

Construction Escrow

Secured Trust Escrow is a leader in new construction and subdivision escrow services working closely with the developer.

Industrial Escrow

Secured Trust Escrow is a leader in providing escrow services for the purchase and sale of industrial properties. Call now.

Secured Trust Escrow

Hollywood Business Escrow Services You Can Trust.

Secured Trust Escrow is an independent business escrow company servicing Hollywood. We're licensed under the strict regulatory requirements of the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation. Call or message us now to get started.
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Safeguarding Both Buyer & Seller

Buy or Sell Securely in Hollywood.

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Combined Years of Experience

35+ years experience in both residential and business escrow services in Hollywood.

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Escrows Completed in California

We've completed over 4,000 business escrows with a 100% success rate in Hollywood.

Business Escrow Testimonials

Amazing clients we’ve worked with.

“The team was amazing all the times I called into customer support. Very short or no wait times. Will definitely use you in the future.”

“I called Sally today a few times and she helped me get everything resolved and walked me through everything on the phone. Great work.”

“All along I felt the support was good. I always got a quick response from you. The service from you guys is very good. I’ll be back.”

“The seller has used your service in the past and since you are also located in California, I decided to go for it. I’m glad I did.”

“I wish I had known your service in the past. Your customer service is always good, and that is why I will continue to work with you.”

“I wish to say how grateful I am for your fantastic transaction system. The process was clear, secure and professional. 10 out of 10.”


News & Updates in Hollywood

February 12, 2024

Dispute Resolution in Construction Escrows in LA

Dispute Resolution in Construction Escrows – In the intricate world of construction projects, disputes can emerge due to various factors, ranging from changes in project scope to disagreements over payments. Secured Trust Escrow, a reputable holding escrow company in Orange County, recognizes the potential challenges in construction transactions and places a strong emphasis on effective …

February 11, 2024

The Impact of Construction Escrow on Project Financing

Construction Escrow on Project Financing – Secured Trust Escrow, a reputable holding escrow company in Orange County, plays a pivotal role in shaping and enhancing the impact of construction escrow on project financing. This relationship goes beyond mere financial management, influencing transparency, risk mitigation, and overall project success. 1. Risk Mitigation for Lenders Construction projects …

February 7, 2024

Managing Changes and Amendments in the Escrow

Adapting with Assurance: Managing Escrow Changes – In the dynamic landscape of financial transactions, flexibility is essential to accommodate the evolving needs and circumstances of the parties involved. Secured Trust Escrow, a reputable holding escrow company in Orange County, recognizes the importance of handling changes and amendments in the escrow agreement with precision and assurance. …

Business Escrow Services in Hollywood

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